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Umumi Karga

What started out as a video tutorial, such as the ones that I have on this page here, got its own legs when I realized how much fun the topic of creating a branding for a concept that revolves around crows was, especially when I added a slogan which is actually part of a famous Turkish proverb, the full length of which is "the one who has a crow for a guide will never get his nose out of shit" - but only uttering the start of it is more than sufficient - folks know the rest.

The "Public Crow" was the name that my students came up with for a youth orientated café/bar which became their class project for this year. This eventually got extended to a company that does a whole lot more than provide in-house food and entertainment. The crow sticks his naughty big nose into pretty much everything alongside the regular café and bar stuff - from apparel to groceries to home furnishings, he is all over the place. Not to even mention cosmetics, body products - to even travel organization! A right little old entrepreneur he is! 

So, horrible instructor that I am, I stole their idea and sat down and made my own identity for the "public crow"...
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