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The Angry Cat websites are actually tutorials. Click on the images above and you will land in one of them. And to get back here from there just click on the logo at the top of the pages.
I teach a web design class which is very popular among non-design majors at the university. So, the students start the class with no basic design knowledge for which they make up with lots of enthusiasm however. One of the things that I want them to do is to experiment with a lot of design styles before they decide upon a final one. These sites are examples to how they could go about applying different schemes to the same exact textual and visual content and a part of a tutorial website that I made for the course.

I invented the content on the fly, during one of the classes actually: The Angry Cat is pissed off for a good reason - excessive social media and TV programming. So, one of the pages urges folks to let go of mass media, into which I include social media as well. The other two pages are about nutrition (food that alleviates stress) and stretching exercises - a thing that cats do know a thing or two about, after all. 

All texts are in Turkish. This is due to the circumstance that Turkish has additional letters to the standard Latin alphabet. The "ş", the soft g "ğ" - and most importantly - dots on all the caps, all of which make type setting in Turkish a challenge since one cannot tighten sentence spaces. And given that this is an important detail that has to be taken into account whilst learning to graphic design in Turkish... 
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